Your dog deserves the best and when outside of an enclosed area, that means being on a  leash.

Even “good dogs” behave differently when allowed to run at large.

Pet loss prevention! Our volunteers have backgrounds in dog rescue, adoption, and training. We are here to serve the community in preventing owners from losing their dogs either from home or while out. 

K9CC believes that most people want to be responsible dog owners and keep their dogs and neighbors safe. We also know that loose dogs have become an impactful problem and it is getting worse.

When you are walking your dog on a leash and approached by an off leash dog, the leashed dog is at a serious disadvantage. The leashed dog does not have the ability to fully express “calming signals”, the shared language of canine communication. When things get tense – and fight or flight instincts kick in, a leashed dog only has one choice.

Keeping you and your dog safe from an approaching loose dog could be as simple as this tip from professional trainers: carry super high value treats with you and as a loose dog approaches, throw the treats in a scatter pattern and exit with your dog in the opposite direction of the scatter (and walk, don’t run (running can trigger the prey drive of the approaching dog). 

K9CC is set to officially launch in the summer of 2022. Coming soon, read our first blogs about our current needs to get our non-profit status finalized and the victim stories that started the K9CC initiative.

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