We seek to reduce the frequency and impact of dogs running at large and off leash in our community. We seek to create a culture of safe dog ownership through pet loss prevention.

See our Safety Page and stay tuned for our blog of victims’ stories to gain an understanding of how letting your dog off leash can harm our community, even if that wasn’t your intent or the intent of your “good dog”.

I pledge to be courteous to my community by restricting off leash activities with my dog to my enclosed yard or one of the numerous off-leash allowed dog parks. If I happen to fail to always be true to the law and my pledge, I promise to leash up my dog immediately upon seeing other adults, children, and leashed dogs walking, as I respect their rights to live and play safely in our community.

Position Statements:

These positions are our own and do not necessarily reflect the views of our Partners.

K9CC supports only safe tools for walking dogs; therefore, we do not support the use of retractable leashes and the City of Rio Rancho ordinance requires that leashes must not be over 8 feet in length. Read more.

 K9CC supports only the humane treatment of dogs; therefore, we strongly oppose the use of choke collars, prong collars, bark collars, shock collars, or pinch collars. Many countries have banned their use and some US states have bans or partial bans on some of these products; Click here to read more from Veterinarians and PhD Animal Behaviorists.

K9CC does not advocate for breed bans, because they don’t work. Dogs running at large or let off leash by irresponsible owners are the problem – we don’t want to unfairly target responsible owners of specific breeds. What we do support is enforcement of our non-breed-specific dangerous dog laws and ask that City of Rio Rancho officials place an emphasis on chronically irresponsible owners. We support heightened enforcement of our existing animal control ordinances to include proper containment of pets and our leash law. To read more about how research is proving out that breed bans don’t work, click here.