K9 CC’s team of dog savvy volunteers, reviews educational resources as well as products for inclusion on our recommendations below:

K9CC’s team of dog savvy volunteers, reviews educational resources as well as products for inclusion on our recommendations below:

No collar is slip proof, but you can put your pup’s best paw forward for walks with a properly fitted collar best suited to your dog’s size and breed. For a great guide on choosing a collar, check out this one-page guide! Also see K9CC’s Position Statement on certain types that we do not endorse that should be avoided at all costs!

Make Rio Rancho YELLOW SMART

A Yellow leash or ribbon on a dog’s collar/leash is a sign that the dog needs space, please proceed with caution. Even dogs with challenges deserve some time out on the town and lo learn the ropes; so, let’s give them their space. Some reasons are that the dog isn’t child friendly; has a disability or health issue (blind or deaf); has fear or anxiety; or is in training. Dogs wearing yellow have great pet parents speaking for their dog asking for the respect of added space. 

You can use this great guide for top picks! (Although they openly admit they do receive revenue from manufacturers whose products they endorse, we still think it’s a good resource.) K9CC has reviewed the top harness pics and concur that these are solid products. K9CC especailly loves the Ruffware options including the “WebMaster” and “Flagline” for escape prone hounds.

Products For Problem Walkers:

From hybrid leash/harnesses to head collars, there are lots of humane tools you can use for your problem walker. K9CC endorses all of these great products you can find in local pet stores or at Chewy. The head collars can feel a little scary to use alone, so know you can use a head collar in conjunction with loose leash walking with a harness as well.

The “Thunder Leash No Pull” gives you more slip prevention than a plain collar and leash. It is great for when you want more control, but a walking harness hasn’t been successful. (As some harnesses can make your dog pull worse!)

Another one of our top recommendations is the the Haiti OptiFit. This collar helps put a stop to pulling. They work by gently directing your dog’s head, steering him into desired positions. You can read more about this product on the Halti brand website.

The Gentle Leader rests across your canine companion’s nose, interrupting their natural instinct to pull against pressure. It works by moving the head, rather than pulling on the neck or a harness. This specific model is adjustable for a custom fit.

Walking Harnesses

Properly fitted harnesses can provide you and your dog added security on leash walks; getting the appropriate size and style is key. Here is a great guide for walking harnesses from Rover about how to choose the right one and make sure it fits.

K9 Community Corps recommends the following products. We do not receive any type of kickback or incentive for endorsing these products. We simply use them for our dogs and recommend them for your canine companions.

The Web Master Harness is a secure, supportive, multi-use dog harness with handle built for maneuvering and assisting dogs up and over obstacles. Thin, durable foam provides support without hindering range of motion.

The Flagline Harness is a fast, light, and comfortable body harness with a nimble design that keeps dogs in their flow, from scrambling in the backcountry to conquering everyday obstacles. Read more on the RUFFWEAR company website.

ID Tags:

If your dog is lost and a good Samaritan finds them, the only way they can help reunite you and your pet is if the pet has contact information. Almost any local pet store offers tag engraving. K9CC will also make you a super basic ID tag, free of charge, all you have to do is ask here. The tags are best for medium to large dogs and will be delivered once monthly to current requests.

If you hate the jingle-jangle of a tag, or your dog tends to lose theirs, having your contact informatino embroidered on your dog’s collar is a great solution! K9CC loves the quality of these handmade collars from Greyt Collar. This maker also has a fantastic selection of martingale style collars for your Greyhounds, Salukis, Whippets, Afghans, Deerhounds, Wolfhounds or any large breed that has a head smaller than the circumference of their neck!

Smart ID Tags:

Want to up your tag game? This type of tag allows anyone who finds your dog the ability to scan a QR Code and open a complete profile online with your contact information and any pertinent medical details. For the cost of a casual meal out for two, you can get one of these tags for your best friend that protects them; two options that the K9CC loves are the Byte Tag and the Humane Tribe Pet Locator Tag.

Byte Tag: has combined your ordinary metal tag, microchips, and GPS trackers into one easy to use, extremely affordable pet tag!

The  Humane Tribe™ Pet Locator Tag: serves as an External Pet Microchip packed full of additional functionality & features.

Bluetooth Tags:

Sigh, these tags have been a market hit, but k9CC doesn’t see the efficacy of a tag that needs to be within range of the owner’s smart phone to work. unless your pooch is hiding under the porch! Product dealers CHANGE OUR MIND! Email us at [email protected] to share your products story. K9CC works with a few regional lost dog tracking groups and most lost dogs, gone more than an hour, have traveled an average of seven miles from their home.

Looking for ways to keep you and your dog safe while out on a walk? Click here for additional tips and resources on self defense for dog owners.

Planning on traveling with your K9 Companion? Click here for a list of Vehicle & Travel Safety Do’s and Don’ts.

Smart Collars!

Whether you’ve got a Houdini Husky with a wanderlust or simply want the peace of mind to know if something awful like a car accident or home invasion sent your hound on the run, there is no better way to ensure their return than a GPS tracking collar. Collar pricing and subscription plans are comparable for the two market leaders and K9CC’s favorites:

We have tested the Fi Collar collar and the three-month battery life is as advertised, plus we love the added features of activity and sleep tracking to give us insight into our pups day.

The Whistle Health + GPS Collar collects tons of data from your dog’s collar and it gets translated into daily health insights. You can read more on the Whistle Health website.