K9CC’s mission is to reduce the number of dogs running at large and unleashed while off their owner’s property or not in a designated off leash dog park. We seek to create a culture of safe dog ownership for all members of our community. To educate people who choose to let their dogs off leash, here are some reasons not to do that in our K9 Community.

Animals that are running at large within the City may be impounded and the owner will be required to pay fees for release and be subject to citations. Animal Control Officers may return stray animals to owners without impounding if animal has current rabies vaccination, city license, identification (microchip, tags) and ownership of animal can be validated by officer.

When animals leave their property, they must be under leash of not more than eight (8) feet in length and under control of the owner or of his designee. This shall not apply to dogs under the owner’s supervision in any city dog park. Chapter 90.18 (A) (1-2) Confinement of Animals; Running at-large.

If you still won’t take the pledge to abide by the city ordinance, leash law, and learning a little bit of canine behavior, please read through our blog posts from victims about their stories. Please understand you are not only putting your neighbors and their pets at risk, but also your dog is at risk of being quarantined and euthanized; you also can face fines and jail time if the unexpected happens.